Lovely Elf
A sweet lurcher boy
  • Male
  • Adult (over 1 year)
  • Dog friendly: Yes
  • Cat Friendly: No

Elf was Lurcher SOS's Christmas present! This sweet boy came to us recently and is settling into his foster home in Hampshire.

Elf is a young lad at approximately 18 months old and is only 22 inches to the shoulder so he's a small boy! Here's his latest update from his foster mum:

"Little Elf is very affectionate and would like to sit on laps given half the chance. He loves all people. He can bark when other dogs approach on lead, this is often more a frustrated greeting and once allowed to say hello, he is fine. If he can’t greet the dog he is also happy to be distracted with treats or his squeaky ball which he loves beyond all else. Some dogs (mainly big, black and over boisterous do scare him) but he just needs time to meet different dogs to build confidence. Fences do need to be secure at the bottom as he is a wiggler that can get through small gaps. He has shown no desire to dig in the garden.

Quiet at night he sleeps right through in his crate. He can now be left alone for 2 hrs in his crate or half an hour out of it which I am sure can be further built up. He does prefer to have another dog with him when left. He has not destroyed anything, not even a toy. He likes his food and chews but has no resource guarding and has learned not to jump on work tops and tables or try to steal food!

Bright, keen to please and very trainable."

His adopters would also need to be with Elf for most of the day as he really does love human company and absences would need to be built up slowly.

He enjoys his toys and playing with other dogs too. 

Elf is neutered, chipped and has had his first vaccination.

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