Beautiful Saluki Lurcher Girl
  • Female
  • Adult (over 1 year)
  • Dog friendly: Yes
  • Cat Friendly: Yes

Grannie (Also responds to Princess Annie ).

Annie is a saluki cross about 26” to the shoulder and approx. 5/6 years old. She has had a difficult past which has left her nervous of new people but she has made massive progress in the two months she has been with me and is really a very easy dog to have around. She is clean, quiet and nondestructive and can be left for a few hours. She has no food guarding issues and sleeps through the night (and much of the day). She travels brilliantly in the car even on long distances.

She is not worried by bangs, fireworks or building work and now used to traffic, although might find a very busy town environment too much. When something/someone does spook her, her instinct is too ‘freeze (hit the ground and stay still) rather than ‘flight ‘and  she has never tried to run away or escape.

Annie  really enjoys her walks and loves other dogs, any size, shape, age or temperament, and is quite gentle playing even with small dogs (although she can be clumsy as her legs are very long). She has a surprisingly good recall  (for a Saluki Princess) and stays close by if off lead with regular circular zoomies around me. She loves to stretch those long legs and is very fast. She likes to chase a ball, and occasionally brings it back! She doesn’t appear to have a massive prey drive and is more interested in eating grass and horse dung or running when out, than hunting wildlife. However she is a Sight hound and I am sure would give chase if something ran in front of her so care should be taken where she is let off lead.  She now walks well on lead with the occasional happy bounce towards other dogs that approach. 

Annie would love to be homed with another dog but might be ok as an only dog is someone is around a lot and takes her out to play with other dogs regularly. She would be happiest in a fairly quiet, calm home although beginning to get used to children now, so dog savvy grand children might be ok. She thrives on a regular routine so she knows what to expect.   

Annie has been tested and we confirm she is cat trainable!


She is in foster in Hampshire

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