Waiting for someone to want her...
Sweet Puppy
  • Female
  • Puppy (up to 1 year)
  • Dog friendly: Yes
  • Cat Friendly: No

NB  Rocket needs to be homed with another dog.  She needs a confident dog already in the potential adopters home.  Please dont applh for Rocket if you do not have another dog.

Rocket has come over from Qatar where she’s spent all her short life in a shelter. Just 8 months old, she is a beautiful, loving girl, who despite being so young is actually relaxed and calm.

Foster Mom Update!....

She's been with us 4 weeks.  She has settled in beautifully. She has been clean in the house for over a week, enjoys her walks & loves meeting other dogs. On our way back from our morning walk we stop for a newspaper & the lady who runs the hairdressers in the village always comes out to give our dogs treats. It took Rocket 2 days to learn this. As you'll see in the photos, she now goes straight to her shop & sits looking in the window waiting.
She has such a loving & calm nature it's hard to believe she's just 11 months old & has only lived in a house for a month.
Table manners still need some work. There was a crumpet theft the other morning. Even my grumpy old boy Charlie has mellowed enough to do play & cuddle up.
Genuinely we love this sweetheart of a girl. We call her Roo mostly or floof bear as she is really a big cuddly teddy.
She is very loving, likes people and other dogs and is friendly with anyone who will stop to fuss her, which is easy to do as she’s irresistible!
This is her first time in a house, and everything is new to Rocket so she will need help learning the rules but she is a bright girl and will soon pick it up. House training has just started but is going well, so you will need to have patience and encourage her when she gets it right. She sleeps through the night without any fuss or mess and eats well, loves treats and playing with toys.
She hasn’t been left yet so that will need to be done gradually.  Walking on the lead is new but she’s happy although is a little nervous of traffic, again she’s never seen it before, but with gentle encouragement she’s managing that too.
Rocket will make a smashing addition to any home. She is submissive to other dogs but I think she’d do well with a confident dog to show her the ropes.

Rocket is in foster in Bedfordshire.

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