Stella relaxing
Sweet little whippet/collie X
  • Female
  • Adult (over 1 year)
  • Dog friendly: Yes
  • Cat Friendly: No

This little lady is a bundle of joy and energy! She is a young girl (no older than 18 months) and a whippet/collie/saluki cross. Because of her previous circumstances, she is still very much a puppy in her behaviour. She is learning quickly about the world and how to be the perfect house guest, and responds to training brilliantly.

She is a small girl at only 14 kg!

She is a bit of a superstar everywhere she goes, people can't help but compliment her wonderfully fluffy ears!

She still very much has her puppy energy, so she needs plenty of exercise and mentally stimulating toys. She loves a frozen kong, puzzle toys and ostrich bones to chomp on. Stella would love an equally energetic and playful dog in the home, or a human willing to give her lots of attention, exercise and training.

Whilst she does love zooming around playing with toys, Stella is also a snuggler and loves curling up between her humans on the sofa. She sleeps through the night in a crate by herself with no whining or complaining. and can be left alone for a couple of hours provided she has been tired out and done pees and poos beforehand.

She is highly motivated by food, so is responding to training very well. House training is almost perfect, with only the occasional accident after a boisterous play session!

Stella walks well on the lead, she is friendly with other dogs and walks past runners, bicycles and traffic with no problem. As a young girl, she is still learning her manners with other dogs and that not every dog wants to play with her!

Stella is currently in foster in Cambridgeshire.

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