Gentle Lurcher Girl from Qatar
  • Female
  • Adult (over 1 year)
  • Dog friendly: Yes
  • Cat Friendly: No

Sweetpea came to us from Qatar along with her daughter, Rocket.  She is neutered, chipped, vaccinated and vet checed.  She is thought to be about 2 years old.


Foster Mom update!

Sweetpea is a very sweet girl, shy to begin with but once she gets to know you, she loves a fuss and will lie on her back so you can fuss her tum. She also bops you with her paw if you stop before she’s ready. She’s a really easy dog to have around and loves snoozing in the sun, she sleeps through the night on the sofa downstairs and is clean and quiet in the house - you barely know you’ve got her!

She enjoys her walks. After settling in for a week she decided she was ready to explore outside and will let you put her harness on. She enjoys quiet walks, she walks brilliantly on the lead with no pulling. She has no problem seeing other dogs and people on the park and will stand quietly whilst you chat to people.

She is now a regular at the farm shop cafe and is so well behaved, she lies at your feet (after having her sausage roll!) and waits until you have finished your drink.

Being from Qatar, Sweetpea loves sunbathing and will take any opportunity to lie in the sun - see photos!

Sweetpea is currently in foster with a mixed pack of male and female sighthounds. She has fitted in really well and is non confrontational with the other dogs. She is now starting to play and would love a home with another kind hound (or two!) to carry on showing her the ropes, build her confidence and have a gentle play.

Her foster Mommy says....
Sweetpea has been with us in foster for 3 weeks this week and she is slowly coming out of her shell she comes to greet me when I walk in with a waggy tail, we can now go in and out of doorways together and she’s often inviting my fat old Labrador to play with her the outside world is still a scary place so we have been doing minimal walks only when it’s sunny and no wind (so not many lately!), but the garden is a fun place to explore and do zoomies, it’s just past the back gate that is a bit too scary still.
She follows us room to room and likes to be wherever you are just chilling out with you. She likes a head and face rub, and a tummy tickle on the sofa.
She’s your best friend if you have tasty food but shes very polite and sits or lies down next to you hoping that you’ll share very polite with the other dogs, no food aggression, starting to pick up toys but not really sure what to do with them she likes visitors to the house they are very interesting to sniff (especially the plumber lol) and is happy to meet men and women, we don’t have children coming to visit but they might be a bit much unless they are quiet (!) she is happy to be left for an hour on her own while the others go out, she just sleeps in her bed in the hall. All in all a very quiet well behaved dog
Her ideal home would be somewhere quiet with a decent garden, with another doggy playmate for compan; somewhere that will let her blossom in her own time with no expectations of 5 mile hikes. Hopefully someone is looking for a sweet companion who can continue to grow her confidence, she really doesn’t have a bad bone in her body.

Sweetpea needs to be homed with a confident hound/dog.

She is in foster in Derbyshire.

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